Over the years Pasta Lensi has gained specific experience in the production and supply of shapes and recipes that  adapt in a very specific way to industrial channels.
The perfect and controlled combination of selected ingredients, personalised recipes and strong shapes offer the end user the possibility of having a product suited to the requirements of the industrial transformation process, while maintaining the high quality standards of the product for common traditional consumption.
Years of work have allowed Pasta Lensi to become the undisputed leader in this area in various European countries and to guarantee to the client a quick recipe-developing process and new shapes, in order to guarantee a range of fresh or frozen products that is always new and captivating.
Therefore, Pasta Lensi is able to pay particular attention to some of the, no less important, aspects such as research and innovation, having a punctual and specific Quality Assurance service that has a fundamental role in this aspect of the product.
For the user, our product is a primary ingredient and deserves all the attention it gets.
Also at a client services level, we have established standards of reply that are extremely high and functional.  In view of the very limited duration of the finished product, it is therefore the speed of delivery and reply that are of extreme importance.
There is a very wide range of products and it includes traditional products, bronze-died, with egg, organic and special, packaged in 3,4,5kg  bags, 400 kg boxes or bags of 500-800 kg.