The production of gluten free pasta surely is one of our most important products. Pasta Lensi has been manufacturing gluten free pastas for over five years, constantly expanding the range and shapes available.
A growing awareness of gluten intolerance and Celiac disease has created a fast growing segment of the pasta market. Pasta Lensi recognized the need for gluten free pasta but also that the products in the market did not meet consumers needs for high quality al dente pasta. A special formulation and production process was developed to ensure consumers could enjoy the same high quality pasta in a gluten free version.
Pasta Lensi is one of only a few dry pasta producers worldwide that are able to support the complex and delicate production process required for gluten free pasta making. Our laboratory and quality insurance play a critical role in ensuring the highest quality product that meets all food safety requirements.
Our gluten free product range includes several recipes, each with a distinctive taste: corn/rice blend (our most popular) corn only, rice only and a hi-fiber version.