At Pasta Lensi we are bringing pasta back to its more flavorful and authentic Old World traditions. The durum wheat that we use in our organic pasta is mainly grown in Italy on small family-owned farms that have been using traditional agricultural methods for centuries. There are no fertilizers, herbicides or fungicides used on these farms and the soil is pure. 100% of the durum wheat we use in our organic pasta has been certified as organic and can be traced back to its source.  The drying process and pure water are the keys to the delicious flavor of our pasta. We carefully dry our pasta to give it a nutty flavor that comes from the durum wheat. We add only purified water to the semolina to ensure we preserve the flavor. This combination creates the best tasting pasta every time.  We use bronze dies, which create the shape of the pasta, to press the dough into pasta shapes and create a rough texture that better absorbs sauce. However, Pasta Lensi also has the capability to make organic pasta in smooth shapes which is produced by using teflon dies
Pasta Lensi organic pastas are certified organic by the CCPB and the USDA.