An important part of a vegeterian diet is Ancient Grains, which are nutrient-rich and extremely healthy. During cold times, Ancient Grains reinvigorate the body’s energy and are comforting.

Pasta Lensi has created several special recipes of Ancient Grains. Our most popular is blend that includes kamut flour, which is a wheat that originated in Egypt thousands of years ago; spelt, which is an excellent source of riboflavine, niacine and has up to 25% more protein than average wheat; barley, originating in middle East and north Africa is the world’s eldest grain as it’s been cultivated for more than 8,000 years; millet, which is an excellent source of phosphorus, B vitamins, iron, and the essential amino acid lysine.

This product has a richer color and a robust nutty flavor which fits with a healthy lifestyle.

All of these varieties of wheat have been cultivated over millenniums, preserving the tradition of wholesome, healthy and unprocessed foods. We source only the finest available wheat to ensure these products have the great taste and wholesome value that you expect.